Matthew Carter, LSW

I am a native of Urbana, IL. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies with a focus in Pastoral Counseling from SUM Bible College and Theological Seminary, and a Master of Science degree in Social Work from the University of Illinois. While working with at-risk youth, I began to find interest in their journey and valued creating a space where they could share. I became interested in learning more about counseling and supporting others with developing tools for success. I value the opportunity to walk with clients as they share their journeys. I have a relational approach combined with a solution-based focus. Throughout time, I have discovered that some clients benefit from coaching rather than counseling, so I have integrated that style into my approach.

My professional experience includes serving in the United States Army, Lincoln’s Challenge Academy, and being a counselor for the Faculty/Staff Assistance Services Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at the University of Illinois.  As a counselor for UIUC EAP services, I counseled all employees, faculty, staff, and their spouses and children. As a result, I can work with a broad range of clients from ages 11-70 and clients from different educational and financial backgrounds.  Work-related conflict and group work dynamics impact individuals and their family members.  I can counsel clients on how to navigate work systems and how to create healthy work environments.

I have counseled couples and families in family dynamics and structure as they navigate different stages of life, and individuals on how to navigate co-parenting.  As a military veteran, I have used my experience to connect with clients in the police, fire, medical, mental health, and emergency responder fields.

I look forward and value the opportunity to walk with you as you share your journey.

Matthew Carter, MSW